We are

… a young architecture practice that believe that acting on the worlds ecological crisis is of the upmost urgency !

The practice is based on the idea that no matter what we produce, we’re going to leave a trace, and part of that will not regenerate. Therefore, we focus as much as we can on building only the necessary, designing with care and acting in any way we can!

We focus on:

→  Construction & conception, for an ecological architecture.  See here..

→  Research on ecological architecture. 

→  Sharing our knowledge, through workshops or as consultants. 

Through collaborations we seek to find solutions by building with bioclimatic- and low-tech solutions and sustainable materials.

We believe

… it is time to ACT!

At the seriousness of the ecological crisis and possible collapse of our natural environments we all need to work together and act in any way we can.

We believe that through acting together, across fields, cultures and traditions, we can find solutions that cares for the environment, and the people and animals that depend on it.

As our habitats are in constant change we need to look to an architecture that responds to a rapidly changing future. Within this context of great seriousness, we strongly believe that the way forward is through frugal solutions, accessible materials and playfulness.

Our method

… is based on care for people and non-human beings.

We take time to understand the natural and social context by mapping out the specific needs of each project, and try to our best ability, not to produce more than is necessary.

When construction is needed, we focus on the smaller and smarter intervention and use the qualities of the site as much as possible.

When we need to produce something new, we look for opportunities for reused materials, that be from a torn down building or left overs from other projects. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.

We strive to let every project become a catalyst for new collaborations. Close collaborations does not only enrich each project, but more importantly new synergies and communities are made. We believe this is crucial in looking to a more sustainable future.


ACT! a part of the wildcard list.
Wildcard is a label created by NAL for the young architectural offices in the establishment or construction phase.

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