The people

Armelle Breuil

Languages: Norwegian, English, French, Spanish

Armelle Breuil founded ACT! after working at Spacegroup and Architectopia in 2019 where she learned to develop an
ecological approach to the conception of building and designed various kindergarten.

Her passion for architecture comes from a need to design other ways of living. She is active in the climate movement, as she believes the time of talking about the current ecological collapse is long past, it is time to ACT; and a co-founder of Architects Climate Action Network Norge. In 2020 she took the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC).

Armelle is also part of Safe Space Collective and JAM Collective. She is currently the international coordinator for the UK branch of the Architects Climate Action Network.

Armelle studied at Val de Seine and graduated with Honours in 2017.

Rikke Winther

Languages: Norwegian, English

Rikke graduated from KTH Stockholm with a masters degree and honorable mention in 2019.

She has practiced in firms such as Ibuku Architecture, Jarmund / Vigsnæs og Helen & Hard.

Her passion for architecture is rooted in taking care of the natural and social environment, and she loves exploring this through a play with composition and materiality. She is a ‘Permaculturist’ with a teaching certificate in Permaculture design and a member of Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN) Norge.

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