Location  Bærum, Norway
Client  Private
Typology  Rehabilitation and transformation
Area 1443 m2
Team  Rikke Winther,  Armelle Breuil
Environmental approach  Reuse, preservation, low-tech shading system, natural insulation

‘Låven’ is a refurbishment project of a barn from 1958 at Øverland Gård i Bærum, west of Oslo. 

The building, measuring  1443 m2, has over the years served many functions supporting the farming in the area. Today it is, among other things, used as workshop/storage space by the Community Supported Agriculture ‘Øverland Andelslandbruk’.

The site is in a conservation area of historic importance, and the upgrade and refurbishment are carefully considering the buildings existing character within that context.

Environmental approach:
re-used materials

Ecological thinking and principles are used throughout where possible, while preserving and re-using the existing building.

The building will be retrofitted, with fiber wood insulation. The wooden panels on the existing facade were in need of an upgrade.  The result was a new panelling system combining old and new wooden panels to make up the new facade cladding.

A low-tech sun shading system allows the owner to keep the original windows, and at the same regulate the sun and daylight entering the building by sliding shutters that are fixed on the outside fasade.