29th of September 2022

Dreams need action

ACT! gives its support to the exhibition organized by Architect Climate Action Network Norge at Galleri Høg Standard.

From the 29th of September to the 8th of october “Dreams need action” create a space of reflection and sharing around the question of resiliency in the way we build and live the spaces of the everyday. It gathers and share initiatives around the world that takes action to move in the right direction, as well as the current campaigns and work of the association Achitect Climate Action Network Norge.

27th of September 2022

DKS Workshop

at Edvard Munch Vgs

We developed a creative game for teenagers around action in the midst of climate and biodiversity collapses.

The participants are divided in groups and get a plot and a role (designer, decision making or citizen) within a community impacted as well as one consequence of the crossing of the nine planet boundaries (climate change, Ocean acidification etc). They are invited to design for minimising the impact of these changes on their community and eventually stop the ones creating them (fossil fuel industry, chemical companies, politicians and leaders etc). All the plots are connected by water and a solution somewhere might create a problem somewhere else.

📸: DKS Workshop testing at @edvardmunchvgsThanks to @rom_for_kunst_og_arkitektur and DKS Lab for beliving in the idea and choosing us back in June to develop the project.

27th of September 2022

Tribunal des utopies

Armelle Breuil was invited to take part as a witness to the trial of utopias organised by la Maison de l’architecture Occitanie Pyrénées and Architecture in vivo; together with Charlotte Bienaimé, Senamé Koffi Agbodjinou, Philippe Madec and Saskia Sassen.

9th of May 2022


 “Architects start a climate network group”

Together with Baptiste Robin, Agathe Money and Aleksandra Chylinska, Armelle started the Architect Climate Action Network in Norway, and was interviewed by Arkitektnytt. Read more about this new action group here: Arkitektnytt

Join us! We need to unite in order to have enough power to create the changes we need.

9th of March 2022

Trondhjems arkitektforening / Bysamtale: Arkitektur og mangfold

Armelle Breuil was invited as part of the Safe space Collective to take part to the round table about architecture and diversity in Trondheim

18th of February 2022

Lycée Francais, Oslo / "Carnaval!" as part of JAM Collective

Amazing carnaval making week with the kids from @lyceefrancaisdoslo !
We talked about the impact of building sites and architecture on the ecosystem of the oslo fjord through DIY costume making: animals and high rise with cardboard bases

14th of December 2022

La Villette, Paris
/ Invited teacher

Armelle Breuil will give a lecture about “Activism & Architecture” to students from the seminar of Brent Patterson “Territoires de l’écologie politique” at the school of architecture La Villette

9th of December 2021

Malaquais, Paris / Invited teacher

Armelle Breuil gave a lecture about “Activism & Architecture” to students from the course of Brent Patterson “Architectural Instability and Indeterminancy – The (un)workings of architecture”

25th of November 2021

Lycée Francais, Oslo / Forum des Métiers

We were present together with Baptiste Robin at the Forum des Métiers of the Lycée Francais René Cassin in Vulkan to share our experiences as architects to the younger generation.

21st of November 2021

JAM, Oslo / Risography as activist tool

We co-animated with Benjamin Hicketier a workshop about activism using risography technics. The workshop was aimed for those who want to explore riso-printing as an activist, or as a socially/politically engaged person – not necessarily as a designer or artist. How can risography be used to spread a message?

12st of November 2021

ESALA, Edinburgh / Activism in the wider world

We were really pleased to be invited by the Climate Action Group of Edinburgh University to talk about activism in architecture as part of their program during COP26. We presented the actions made by Extinction Rebellion among other projects. It is possible to watch the lecture!

29st of October 2021

ROM, Oslo / Safe Space Zine Launch !

Safe Space Collective couldn’t be happier to release the Safe Space Zine series which we started working on in May this year. It gathered a total number of 48 contributors around 6 issues expanding the views on diversity and representation in architecture. Sơn and Paul-Antoine, together with Armelle Breuil, edited and designed the publications. Warmest thanks to everyone who participated and who came to celebrate with us during the Launch Party at ROM for kunst og arkitektur!

21st of October 2021

Lycée Francais, Oslo / Sustainable architecture

As part of JAM Collective, Armelle was invited to facilitate a workshop for kids between 6 and 9 at the lycée français. It was an immersive and fun morning of exploring what the future of architecture can be. We sketched and made models of alternative architecture buildings.

18st of October 2021

Safe Space Podcast fully released !

8 episodes of the Safe Space Podcast series have all been released and are now available on all podcast platforms including SpotifyApple Podcasts and others. Armelle took part in curating, moderating and editing the conversations, including “Who are we designing for? Other ways of doing architecture” and “Environmental Justice and Sápmi”. Thanks to our host ROM for kunst og arkitektur, our sound engineer Xavier Guinois, musicians Fleur bleu.e who created Safe Space’s beautifully hopeful jingle, the 20 speakers as well as the people and institutions who supported us during the making of the podcast. Headphones on!

2nd of September 2021

Lecture at OAF,
Oslo / New forms

ACT was invited together with other 7 practices to use OAF’s platform to present ourselves and what interests us.
Warm thanks to OAF and the program team for inviting us!

1st of August 2021

ACT! moves in at Akersveien 25 in Oslo!

This summer we left Kroloftet to move in with Marie Payan (Oonda) and Julie Lauritzen (Pressure Press). Together, we started the collective JAM, a multi-disciplinary non-profit organisation experimenting across the fields of artivism, architecture, design and photography. Through artistic practices we explore alternative ideas and solutions to the socio-ecological contemporary challenges, facilitate creative workshops and activities to support different means of expression. Come by and say hi!

15th of July 2021

Bademaschinen's opening!

This 15th of July is the grand opening of Bademaschinen, our latest project designed together with Borhaven Arkitekter and Fjord Ingeniører. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
Picture by Avisa Oslo

8th of June 2021

La Villette, Paris
/ Invited crit'

Armelle was invited with Léa Brami to be part of the crit of the course “Architectural Instability and Indeterminacy: The (Un)Workings of Architecture” (over zoom) by Brent Patterson. Interesting topics, such as creative ecologies, risk and feminist & posthuman design.

19th of June 2021

Bademaschinen moved to Oslo fjord!

Since December 2020 we are working on a new exciting project, “Bademaschinen” for Oslo Badstueforening. Our carpenters built the main structure at Bryn, in a space generously offered for some weeks by Saja Eiendom

3rd of May 2021

Start of "Safe Space" exhibition and residency at ROM for kunst og arkitektur, Oslo

Safe Space Collective (Bùi Quý Sơn, Paul-Antoine Lucas and Armelle Breuil) start their five-week residency and exhibition at the Oslo gallery ROM for kunst og arkitektur. During this period of time, they will record eight conversations which will then be released as a podcast series in Fall 2021, while continuing to conduct their exploratory research on the meaning of diversity and representation in the field of architecture in Norway. The exhibition is set to close on June 6, 2021.

21th of April 2021

ACT! is now a wildcard!

We are very pleased to join the wildcard list. Wildcard is a label created by NAL for the young architectural offices in the establishment or construction phase.

13th of April 2021

ACT! is now an AS.

It’s official, A-C-T (previously Atelier Breuil) is registered as an AS and our organisation number is 926 934 481